Business Books – 6 Benefits Businesses Can Gain From Writing a Book


Writing your first business book can be daunting let alone being a business considering using one as a marketing tool. Your going to be asking whats the benefits to having one? What can I do with it besides sell it or give it away? Or can I actually make a lot of money from selling it? These are all fair questions I’m going to answer in this article.

– First besides the prestige of being an author your going to be able to be known someone who has done what 80% of Americans want to do but only .05% ever do.

– Next you could spend thousands on a TV or Radio commercial campaign, with spots that last only about 30 seconds. Where as with a book you can keep someone captivated for hours.

– In addition, with the help of a professional its something that can be done with only a couple of hours worth of work. But it can provide you with a highly qualified and ready to sign prospect who knows everything you want them to know about who you are and what you can do for them.

– You can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars in income from the sale of every single copy. Just bundle your book with other products and services to increase the value and price of your offering. Use the book as the center piece of your services and or your programs.

– You will have valuable (it took you years to learn what you know and hours to write it, that makes it valuable) giveaways and prizes for contests and awards. Others will always welcome a copy that they will dog ear and pass on to friends. All at little cost to you.

– Your in control of the distribution, what if you could control exactly who heard your commercials? You would pick to spend money only on those most likely to buy from you wouldn’t you? Of course you would.

For these and many more reasons a book is a valuable use of your marketing time and money.


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