Business Podcast Marketing Case Study Proves Results


Business Podcast Marketing Case Study shows how Podcasting delivers dramatic results for clients. Podcasting has significant business marketing potential. If the business podcast strategy and online visibility plan is properly executed; Podcasting has the potential to be a marketing tool that delivers superb performance marketing.

professional market transactions over the have just released a new case study titled “How to Use a Podcast to Promote a White Paper That Generates New Business Sales Leads”.

This case study is about how Bearing Point used podcasting to promote the White Paper and the check frequency of 30% vs. traditional 10%. This is a 200% increase over traditional marketing methods

Here is a brief excerpt :. “Dunay was not sure if the podcasts would be a hit or not, especially since the main his prospects tend to be fairly conservative. So he does not roll out trumpets and strobe lights for the launch.

Instead, the team posted podcasts and announcements at several related sites including , and iTunes (all of which currently promote podcasts for free .) They also rolled out a press release and email announcement to the house list. The first podcast of quietly began July 29, 2005.


Joy and Celebration! Hundreds of executives downloaded podcasts. Dunay had hoped to 10% of podcast listeners would respond to the white paper download offer. Instead, 30% did … “

This is a good example of how marketing professionals should and could be using podcasting to help their business. This is the future of podcasting, Podcasting is going to become a marketing tool that communicates, educates and drives listeners to action. In this case, the action was to download a white paper and effectively generate leads.

I’ve been trying to inform the business markets of this trend for the past 9 months. I discussed this very scenario in a Podcasting White Paper that was released a few months back. Read the full case study on

Experienced online marketing professionals who have expertise in the field of podcast production, technology, and visibility so that http: / / can help your business achieve these same levels of results. Just create a podcast in the vacuum of space is the wrong strategy. Make sure that you gain maximum exposure for the podcast so that they can deliver measurable marketing results.

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