Eco-Friendly Marketing – Running sustainable business


Does your company currently marketing the wasteful, ineffective way? Are you spending thousands of dollars on print advertising including postcards, booklets, tri-folds, etc.? Well, the times are changing and you have to step up to the table.

Green, Eco-friendly marketing takes all types and is critical to business growth and preservation of the environment. World containing 50 million or more companies if all convert their projects to be green environment will greatly appreciate us. Just analyze marketing efforts and distinguish between what is working and what is not working is important to cut costs and be eco-friendly. The epitome of eco-friendly marketing is summed up in two words: Internet Marketing

take advantage of the Internet to promote products and services is much greener than printing and distribution of postcards, brochures and similar materials .. The Internet eliminates the need for printing, which saves trees. More importantly, internet marketing is timeless. Ads can be created and will last much longer and have a greater impact, as opposed to sending someone a brochure at all, will be thrown in the trash can a few days.

Green online marketing can be achieved through the following media (to name a few):

1) Web Design – Having a clean representatives, functional website is much more important than any print ad. A website helps build online exposure, thereby increasing sales generated through online marketing efforts

2) Social Media -. Posting photos and videos on various social media websites and share them with the world is a great way to get online exposure and build more unique, eco-friendly brand. Usually photos / videos are sent to the press kit, printed in a booklet or on a CD, but the status of such media to websites and share with people all over the world is a more effective and timeless. If the position of the right, with different keywords, rich media is the key to success and will last for many years

3) Social Bookmarking – bookmark websites and blog posts on social bookmarking sites (Digg, Reddit, Technorati, etc.) is a great marketing strategy and creates brand awareness and link backs (links to your site). Social bookmarking is a relatively new phenomenon and is on fire

4) Flash Banner Ads -. Fully-watchman’s business activities and product / service is usually a challenge, however, Flash banners allow different information which serves as a small video (10x better than static advertising placements). Create Flash banner ads and post them on blogs, forums and other media as heavy traffic is a key technology to build online traffic and exposure. Tickets for the niche market and publish useful and informative banner advertisements will surely increase traffic and ultimately sales; I’ve seen it happen time and time again

5) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -. Optimizing keywords on a Web site, blog, forum, etc. is relevant to the brand and company growth. In all reality, if you have an amazing place, but no one can find it, what good is it? Strategically target keywords is another important factor in the exposure of the brand mix.

As anyone can see, the possibilities of internet marketing are endless and should definitely be explored. In the coming years the internet will continuously take over all aspects of life, from a network of friends to promote ones business, and do not keep up with the bandwagon wil be harmful for most, if not all, companies.


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