Marketing on the Internet for small local businesses – helping them to make the phone ring


Marketing for local businesses is a lucrative way to build your own online business while helping small businesses to service the community to get more clients and customers. These companies do not understand marketing on the Internet, and you can use your blogs, article marketing, social skills and networks to make their phone ring.

I always recommend starting out by helping a friend or relative to market their business. I did this for the handyman when I was just starting to learn what went on the Internet. I set up a simple blog using Typepad blogging platform, mainly because I did not know enough about WordPress to install it at the time.

I wrote a few articles, posted on his blog, use images that were optimized for his keywords, and joined the free trade zone. All this took me about three hours a week, and in a month he was on page one of Google and other search engines for every one of his sentences keywords.

At the time, I was just excited because of what happened with his company. He was able to stop advertising in the local newspaper and his magazine, saving him a few hundred dollars a month. He was also able to turn down jobs that he did not like to do because he was getting enough calls from people asking him to do what he enjoyed doing. He was also able to stay in business and increase his income in one of the worst recession in recent history.

Within a few months I realized that I could do this for other companies to make money with what I was learning. Own my online business was growing, but I still had more revenue. That’s when I began to help local insurance agent to get homeowner’s policy More. I did the same exact thing for him to set up a blog, write some articles and submit a business platform. I had learned about the free radio and then interviewed him once a month for fifteen minutes. His business began to take off in about three months, and he was amazed at how many people were now able to find him.

Now I teach others how to market small business services in the community. This company is growing daily. All that now advertises in the phone book, newspaper, or other publications is a great look. Best of all, you can make money with the skills you have to learn to build your own online business. This is a true win-win for both you and your small business you will be marketing for.


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