Small Business Marketing Strategies – Roadside Advertising


One of the marketing strategies of many companies used to advertise new venture often includes some form of road marketing. Roadside marketing can include not only a sign alongside the road, but also billboards and car wraps or other ads placed on the vehicle. This type of marketing has an additional challenge compared to other forms of marketing, namely, that potential customers are in motion, and they will probably forget the message or not respond immediately, unless it is especially compelling. Probably the single most important component making roadside marketing stand out is simply this:

Get the necessary information about your contacts with customers, now

When gain new customers, you only have a few minutes at most to do go, and then only when the customer is stuck in traffic. Accordingly, the length of the message should be proportional to the time the customer has to read it– longer message if the client has more time and a shorter one for when they are going faster. From time to create impressions can often be measured in mere seconds, it is a waste of money to do anything other than to get the necessary information to potential customers so they can contact you later. One of the best ways to do this is by making a website address one of the first thing a customer sees.

URL company should be memorable, short (when available), and prominent in large letters for easy readability. A website is much better than a simple number, as it is harder to mix up letters in a word, the numbers in the semi-random sequence. Ideally, you want to make it difficult for customers to make a mistake in touch with you, and easy for them to do business with you. For this reason, homonyms (same-sounding words) and Odd spelling words should also be avoided in the website of the company name. Name of a company can also be included, but this is another information, and so it need not be as large as the website text.

Ultimately, the customer receives a quick, general idea of ​​the company is the main benefit them, and find it easy to get back in touch with them, they are more likely to do business. It makes roadside advertising a good way to get more business when it’s used properly.

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