Traditional Marketing Methods and Why They Are No Longer Effective


Since the beginning of modern day sales people used some form of advertising or traditional marketing method to get the word out about their product or service. Whether it was pushing a cart load of their wares around, handing out flyers or advertising in newspapers anyone that was trying to sell something used some sort of way to get their products noticed.

In this article I will outline a few ways that people used to advertise their products, how some of those techniques were used and how now in the height of the information age with us using super fast computers and high tech gadgets everyday those very common traditional marketing methods don’t work effectively as they once did.

Door to door sales was a very effective way to market your business years ago and in some areas of the world I’m sure that this way of doing business is still effective. In some industries some form of knocking on doors is the best way to do business even today.

Using the Yellow Pages was a very popular way to market your business, the yellow pages is a very thick book that is filled with thousands of business listing of business owners throughout a specific area where that business is located. When a person is looking for a business they would look through the book and find a few businesses that interested them and they would call for more information.

Now there are hundreds of other traditional marketing methods that people still use to market their business everyday and they do work, but because of how we live today we don’t respond to some of these methods like we did before. Instead of picking up a big yellow book of business listings we would get on the internet and do a search for the type of business we are looking for. Instead of a business spending millions of dollars on television advertising they can save money on doing some online marketing strategies and promote just as effectively.


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