Why, why, why is Network Marketing So Hard?


This is one of the biggest questions most people have is why is network marketing so difficult. Is it really that difficult? Yes, it is difficult, but not impossible. Let’s look at some of the reason is to consider hard to so many

1) I can not find enough people to talk to.

2) There is no duplicable system.

3) I can not sell any product or service.

4) No one is to make my point.

5) I do not know how to do this business.

Wow, this is pretty serious list. 6) I have stopped believing in network marketing, more importantly, in myself. Reading this list, definitely shows how someone might perceive Difficult ness of this business. But, there is hope. All 6 of these issues listed, it can be difficult to overcome, if you do not have a group of instructors who have been where you want to go. Too many people try to find answers on their own. I have to tell you, this business, like all businesses, was never meant for you to build it on their own. There is an old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”, well, “It takes a team to build a company.”

We understand how important it is to find enough people to talk to. When you find people to talk to, it has to be duplicable system in place that will allow the team to build, without you. Reasonable people will help you with the ability to share products and services and also to build the team. A great man once said, “People do not join businesses, people join people” (Michael Dlouhy). It is important to meet people and have a genuine desire to help others. Finally, before you can reach some of the items I’ve just mentioned, you have to build yourself. You need to be a person that people are drawn too. There is lifeline to the future success of your site and will consider items 5 and 6. It starts with you, but certainly does not end with you.


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